moveBETTERforever™ Casual Group Session: 10 x 1 Hour Class Pack - Buy 10 Get One FREE.

moveBETTERforever™ Casual Group Session: 10 x 1 Hour Class Pack - Buy 10 Get One FREE.

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Learn how to master the almighty foam roller for feeling love instead of pain.

All too often, foam rollers are being taught to be used incorrectly through pain, which makes me quite annoyed to say the least...however I often use much worse words towards those people who do but I can't really do that here. So if you come along to these classes, you'll get to hear all the nasty words that I use!

Come along to learn this pain free systemised approach to maximise the use of your foam roller for good rather than evil!

The skills that you learn will last a lifetime and will save LOADS of cash money on rehabilitation, massage and pain killers, allowing you to become your very own 24/7 massage therapist.

So you get 11 x 2 Hour Foam Roller Classes in total. Crazy I know, but true!

1 x FREE moveBETTERroller

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Class times in Sydney:

Saturdays 3-5pm Leichhardt


Coming Soon

Mondays 6-8pm Surry Hills

Wednesdays 10 - 12pm Leichhardt


About Instructor:

My name is Angelo Castiglione and I'm a strength and conditioning coach, corrective exercise and movement specialist and I help to predict, prevent and rehab from injuries, recover faster and be pain free.
I have 21 years industry experience in movement and I work with pro and amatuer athletes including individuals from all walks of life to move better forever.

My speciality is to teach skills which helps people to better self manage their own bodies from the youngest possible age, as good movement habits start early.

I'll workout what your body needs specifically for your goals to get the most out of your body and help you to move the best that you can, pain and injury free.


See my LinkedIn profile for more about me: